QWE2002 Paper 2T

Mr. Allan Beumer

Performance Testing in Internet Time

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Testing the architecture of an Internet solution is different compared to a client/server solution. Off course, the main goal of testing stays the same: to retrieve information about the quality of the system. However, testing an Internet architecture definitely requires a different approach. This paper informs about the followed approach for testing an Internet portal architecture from a large international bank.

About the Author

Allan Beumer has been working for CMG since 1997 as a technical test consultant for the division Test Management and Consultancy. He is an expert in the field of automated test tools both for client/server as Internet applications. As the main tutor of the TestFrame Navigation Course, he develops and gives courses about using test tools like WinRunner, QARun and Rational Robot for clients and CMG consultants. Besides this, he is also involved in CMG's quality assurance as an auditor and team quality agent.