QWE2002 Paper 3I

Ms. Nancy Landau
(Alltel Technology Services)

Performance Testing Applications In Internet Time

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

How can a test team simplify the transition from performance testing two-tier client/server applications to testing complex, multi-tier web applications combined with an exponential growth in testing needs? In this presentation, Nancy Landau presents case studies that address changes made in performance testing methods to handle compressed delivery schedules, new architectures and technologies, and changing customer expectations. The experiences focus on performance testing, but the strategies apply to all test efforts.

About the Author

Nancy Landau has 15 years of experience in quality assurance and financial services. She has been involved in design, development, deployment, test, and support of large-scale client/server solutions for the mortgage banking industry. She is the lead client/server performance test analyst for the Residential Lending Division of ALLTEL, a Fortune 500 company.