QWE2002 Paper 4M

Mr. Ton Dekkers & Mr. Mario van Os
(IQUIP Informatica BV)

Quality Radar: Getting Grip on Customer Expectations

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Achieving Customer Satisfaction by getting grip on expectations of customer by identifying and valuing the implicit quality aspects and specifying them in concrete terms. This improves building and testing of the information system required by the customer. The Quality Radar is a tool and an approach that supports the part quality aspects of the overall opportunity-based approach Quality Tailor-Made (QTM).

About the Author

Ton Dekkers has been working as a practitioner and manager within the area of software quality for a great number of years. Within this area he specialises in estimating, risk analysis and QA in projects (QTM in practise). He is a regular speaker both at national and international conferences and a trainer in software estimating, risk management and QTM. Ton Dekkers is quality consultant in the division Software Control of IQUIP Informatica B.V. He is member of the NESMA workgroups FPA in Maintenance and FPA New Technology and a member of Programme Committee of Quality Connection Conference (Helsinki, June 2002).

Mario van Os is quality manager in the division Software Control of IQUIP Informatica B.V. After his study Mathematics & Computer Science at the Technical University in Eindhoven he has followed the path from systems developer, project manager, consultant to quality manager. As a consultant he often advised the management of various companies about their information strategy. Since 1993 he specialised in the field of quality management, namely quality assurance, risk management, reviewing, inspections, validation and verification, software process improvements, CMM and QTM.