QWE2002 Paper 5A

Mr. Bernd Mattern
(imbus AG)

The AGEDIS Software Test Technology Project

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The AGEDIS project is a three year EC funded research project whose objective is to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the European software industry by automating of software testing, and improving the quality of software while reducing the expense of the testing phase. AGEDIS will achieve this by developing a methodology and tools for the automation of software testing in general, with emphasis on distributed component-based software systems. The first phase of the project consisted of evaluation experiments with two existing test generation tools. These experiments completed in May, and the consortium is now in the throes of developing a set of tools with open public interfaces. The tools include a modelling language compiler, a test case generator, a test execution engine, and productivity tools for testers. The consortium includes research laboratories in Israel, France and the UK, and industrial partners in France, Germany, Greece and the UK.

About the Author

Bernd Mattern studied Physics from 1989 to 1996 in Erlangen, and worked as Scientist from 1996 to 1998 at Institut f r Technische Physik 2, FAU Erlangen. He has been working at imbus since 1998 as team leader, consultant, and trainer.