QWE2002 Paper 5T

Dr. Edward Miller
(eValid, Inc.)

InBrowser WebSite Testing: The Client-Side Approach

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Web sites are becoming increasingly more complex due to:
1.The inclusion of (e.g.) Flash objects, Java Applets, XML, JavaScript.
2. The increased use of Multiple Windows, Secure Log-Ins, Message Pop-ups and Web-launched applications. Testing these sites requires tools that can intuitively and accurately adapt to such complexity.

The first part of this talk will address many of the difficulties in testing a modern web site from the perspective of a professional web site quality tester. The second part will discuss the 'Browser-centric' test tool as a solution to some of these difficulties. The main focus will be on the qualities that a test tool needs to meet the myriad of requirements that the web site tester is faced with.

About the Author

Dr. Edward Miller is Chairman and President of Software Research, Inc., San Francisco, California, and Chief Technical Architect for software test tools development and software engineering quality questions. Dr. Miller has worked in the software quality management field for 25 years in a variety of capacities, and has been involved in the development of families of automated software, analysis and Web quality tools. He was chairman of the 1985 1st International Conference on Computer Workstations, and has participated in IEEE conference organizing activities for many years. He is the Chairman of the Quality Week Conferences since 1988. He is the author of Software Testing and Validation Techniques, an IEEE Computer Society Press tutorial text. Dr. Miller received his Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering) degree from the University of Maryland, an M.S. (Applied Mathematics) degree from the University of Colorado, and a BSEE from Iowa State University.