QWE2002 Paper 6A

Mr. Chris C. Schotanus

Structuring Your Tests in a Component Based Environment

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Component Based Development asks for a special approach to application delivery. In the first project that uses these techniques the developers within the project will have to create all components. But, these components are made available for reuse in other development projects. Usually, a special department will maintain the library of components that are available. It acts as a client towards component development and as a supplier towards the assemblers of the end user application. This department therefore needs to be sure of the functional quality of the components within the library when they supply them to other projects. Therefore, acceptance testing and certification of components is crucial. Automating this test makes it possible to repeat this test as often as necessary without high efforts, but needs special tools when there is no user interface available.

About the Author

Chris C. Schotanus is Principal Consultant for CMG in the Netherlands. He has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology and is strongly involved in the development of CMG's structured testing method TestFrame. He provides management consultancy services on testing and TestFrame to many major clients in the financial world, industry trading and government in Holland, Belgium, France, Nordic countries and the UK.