QWE2002 Paper 6I

Mr. Paul McBride

Deployment of Globalised Wireless Internet Applications

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

This session will cover the test challenges facing wireless application developers as they integrate their solutions with those provided by traditional application service providers. It will include an overview of the changing technologies, and focus on key areas of testing needed for these mobile solutions. A case study will be presented that illustrates the full range of testing needed for a mobile device (with a microbrowser) in Brazil that is accessing on-line banking information in Japan. For this example, we will consider functionality and compatibility issues, as well as the consequences if the application is not internationalised/ localised properly.

About the Author

Mr. Paul McBride is Director of European Operations for VeriTest. Paul has a background in software design and engineering with Microsoft corp. from 1990 to 1994 and has been running business operations for VeriTest in Europe for the past four years. Prior to this, he managed a Business Unit of Lionbridge Technologies with responsibility for delivering software globalisation solutions. His recent experience is in the certification, test and deployment of software on digital media devices and together with his team, is developing QA solutions for applications under development which will be deployed on the next generation of wireless internet devices.