QWE2002 Paper 7A

Ms. Nadine Pelicaen

Performance Testing: "Step On It"

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The quality attribute performance is often overlooked in the design phase of a system, in which case client and server response times can turn out to be below expectations and all kinds of resource problems pop up. It can be critical to know whether your multi-client system is performing within well-defined standards under varying loads. Moreover, how is your application holding when running under extreme conditions? In this paper we talk about the different types of performance testing and the role they play in risk management. Certain performance testing techniques allow you to detect the bottleneck in your system, in this case the area which will break first when put under stress. Different techniques and automation tools are discussed for structured performance testing of websites where load generators are used for automating user actions. But we also talk about performance test automation for client/server systems with multi-tier architecture.

About the Author

Nadine Pelicaen is active as a Test Consultant for structured software testing at ps_testware. She has experience with performing Test Assessments for large projects and she is involved in doing research for the ps_testware competence center of test methodology. Nadine has a university degree in informatics and more than 12 years experience in the IT sector. She has worked in different functions in technical IT environments: software developer, QA engineer and manager of a software department.