QWE2002 Paper 7M

Mr. Peter Gooch
(Computer Associates)

Process Management Maturity

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The Whole Nine Yards or Inch by Inch? - Which strategy is the right one? As IT organizations become more involved in the brave new world of e-business development, most have discovered that Process Management has become unavoidable. Both the business and application processes are exposed to problems as never before. The traditional reliance on informal knowledge transfer and learning is typically too slow to adapt to the accelerating pressures of business and technology change.

By factoring in an organizations business goals, culture, industry, and demographics into each of the available options, it is a fairly simple process to determine which options should be quickly eliminated, and which process management solutions merit further consideration. From that point, we will be able to consider the pros and cons of the short list of process management options. This session is ideal for managers who are in the process of evaluating (or re-evaluating) enterprise process management and what impact it would have upon their enterprise.

About the Author

Peter Gooch is a Senior Consultant for Computer Associates in the United Kingdom. He has over 18 years experience as an IT professional, the last 8 of which have been spent specialising in the Process and Project Management market space. Peter provides assistance to companies in improving their overall productivity via the implementation of ‘Best Practice’ and formal ‘Process Management’.