QWE2002 Paper 9A

Mr. Leo VanDerAalst
(Gitek nv, Belgium)

Testing Challenges of Incremental Component Based Development

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

For developing software, two trends are very popular at this moment iterative and incremental system development and component based development. Several organisations try to combine both approaches. What are the consequences for testing in this so called iCBD environment? What is iCBD? Why CBD? Why incremental system development? What is a component? What is CBD? What is iterative and incremental system development? Understanding the challenges of testing in an iCBD environment. How to deal with these iCBD test challenges. For the challenges, several possible solutions are presented.

About the Author

Leo van der Aalst is a member of the R&D-team of IQUIP Informatica B.V. in the Netherlands, a company with over 400 dedicated testers and owner of the structured testing approach Tmap®. He has more than 14 years experience with structured testing in all of its aspects: strategy, co-ordination, preparation, realisation, consulting and innovation. One of his activities in the R&D team was to develop a generic model for implementing test service centres at customer locations. This model has been used several times since then, for instances in a credit card company in the Netherlands. At the moment Leo implements a testing approach in an incremental component based development environment. This approach is developed and implemented in collaboration with one of the largest financial institutions in the Netherlands. He frequently presents at conferences (ING Bank 2000+2001, Dutch Association for Engineers 2000+2001, TEST Congress 2000) and is (co-)author of several articles.