QWE2002 Tutorial A1, A2

Dr. Gualtierro Bazzana & Mrs. Ioana Ene

Web Testing Master Class

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

First of all, peculiarities of Web-based applications will be presented from a technical point of view, explaining their effects on testing practices. Moreover, the tutorial will deal with testing management aspects which are fundamentally affected by the nature of Web applications, including: RAD, regression issues, Testing solution will then be presented, both for static aspects (related to HTML, pictures, XML) and dynamic aspects (ASP, CGI, Proxies, Cookies, etc.).Room will be devoted also to commercial tools available in order to give the audience an overview of the existing technologies, highlighting also experience reports from their introduction, including ROI analysis. Special emphasis will then be given to the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) guidelines that have been issued by W3C and can significantly help testing of Web-based applications. Last but not least, the tutorial will touch the issues raised by integration testing between ERP and Web and in the validation of E-business solutions. Case studies will cover: testing of e-commerce sites, testing of commercial Internet Web sites, testing of Intranet sites, testing of home banking/ trading on-line applications.

About the Author

Born in 1966, at university, he graduated with 110/110 and honour in Information Science at the University of Milan, in February 1989. His PhD won the special AICA award for topics related to quality in Information Technology. After working as software developer in a telecommunication company and as consultant/ manager in a consulting company he set-up ONION. His activities cover two areas of interest: consulting - projects in software engineering for various industrial companies and research in the field of software quality and networking (especially in the Internet/ Intranet domain). As far as consulting/ projects in industry are concerned, he matured and exploited know-how in conducting various medium sized and large projects for several companies in various application domains (telecommunications, data processing, MIS, process control, etc.), covering topics like: Internet services, Intranet applications, Supply Chain management, etc. Moreover he has matured significant experiences in the ERP domain, notably with SAP R/3. He has matured significant technical experiences especially in the telecommunications domain (notably: switching systems and GSM mobile radio systems) in CIM and in networking, including Internet/ Intranet/ Extranet services and solutions. He has also dealt with sw development and testing, testing methods and tools, quality planning, test planning, reliability analysis, software product evaluation, process assessment and improvement, definition of quality systems in accordance to ISO 9001 and 9000/3, reviews and inspections, FDA computer system validation and so forth His research activity spanned in various fields of software engineering, ranging from Petri Nets to development methodologies, functional and structural test coverage, metrics and related tools, CAST, reliability evaluation, software development process evaluation and improvement, management by metrics, software product quality evaluation, security technology transfer and total quality management techniques. Moreover, he has co-ordinated several European Research Projects. He has published a book: ("Software Metrics for Product Assessment", McGraw Hill, London, 1995, International Software Quality Assurance Series, ISBN 0-07-707923-X), contributed to 4 other books (in the last one he has been author of four chapters dedicated to Software Process Improvement; it has been published by IEEE Software) and published over 50 papers at international conferences on topics related to software quality and software testing.