QWE2002 Tutorial E2

Dr. John McGregor
(Luminary Software)

Guided Inspection of UML Models

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Early detection of faults is a cost-effective technique for ensuring quality. This tutorial presents the guided inspection technique for analyzing UML models. This technique uses explicit test cases to guide the inspection process rather than leaving the coverage of the model to chance. The technique systematically determines whether the model is complete, correct and consistent. Participants will actively participate in an exercise that examines the model for a small distributed system. Participants will also gain an understanding of how to integrate the technique into the typical interactive, incremental process.

About the Author

Dr. John D. McGregor is a partner in Luminary Software and an associate professor of computer science at Clemson University. Dr. McGregor has developed architecture, design and testing techniques for object-oriented software and developed custom testing processes for a variety of companies. Dr. McGregor is co-author, with David A. Sykes, of "Object-oriented Software Development: Engineering Software for Reuse" published by Van Nostrand Reinhold and "A Practical Guide to Testing Object-Oriented Software" published by Addison-Wesley in 2001. He writes a column on Testing and Quality for the Journal of Object-oriented Programming (JOOP) published by SIGS/101Communications Publishing. He has published numerous articles on software development focusing on design and quality issues. Currently he serves on the editorial board of two journals: JSTP and IJCIS. Dr. McGregor's research interests include software engineering specifically in the areas of process definition, design quality, testing and measurement.