QWE2002 Tutorial G1

Mr. Jens Pas

Emotional Intelligence as the Key to Software Testing

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

We explain what Emotional Intelligence is about and what the relation towards software quality is. Before the use of EQ in software quality is explained, a technique called Test Requirements Hierarchy (or Test Requirement Matrix) (TRH or TRM) will be explained. This classic technique, though too little applied correctly, allows the objective measurement of quality against an agreed baseline. The conservative application of the technique only measures quality in a rational dimension. With EQ we will add two more dimensions to the TRH or TRM.

A real case will be used to develop a TRH and to develop the EQ-dimensions for it. Anonymous real life data, such as interview notes, requirements documents and progress and test reports will be used.

About the Author

Jens Pas is Managing Director and founding Partner of I2B and President of the Board of Directors. Jens Pas is an authority in the business of Software Testing. He developed a unique method for structured software testing. His method was introduced in and adopted by major Belgian and Dutch companies. He has also development Test Assessment programs and has conducted them at directors and top-management level at various sites in larger IT environments. He published various articles regarding the methodology of Software Testing and is the author of the textbook that accompanies the course “Introduction to Structured Software Testing”. He currently publishes his views on software engineering monthly in three area related magazines and newspapers. He is a (keynote) speaker and track chairman on many Software Engineering and Quality Conferences (Eurostar 98 Munich, 99 Barcelona & 2000 Copenhagen, Quality Week Europe, Fesma Brussels, Software Automation, Novi Amsterdam, Technological Institute of the Royal Society of Belgian Civil Engineers, SQE Europe Test Congress 2000). Currently he is specialising in Innovation Management services.

Jens Pas was co-founder and General Manager of a Belgian consultancy company specialised in testing. Previously he was responsible for the re-engineering of the pan-European IT-support department of Quaker Oats Europe and for setting up the Application Support department of the ETS division of Barco Graphics. Jens Pas is an engineer and holds an Executive International Master in Business Administration degree from the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School.