QWE2002 Tutorial G2

Mr. Olivier Denoo

Think Green! Think Different! Think Modular! (The LEGO Principle)

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Testing E-commerce web sites and virtual shops requires the right approach. Neglecting business (or better, consumer)-driven tests when your web site is the only interface that separates you from your customers and their money could obviously lead to a major business failure if not a crash. Fine, but how can we come to a decent result without messing around such a huge set of tests, such a huge bunch of information? The answer is simple: structure your test requirements in an appropriate structure: TRH (Test Requirement Hierarchy). The core of the presentation shows how to implement a TRH approach within e-commerce applications, knowing that the new (Net) economy is not subject to any speed limits.

Our method showed that it was possible to gain sometimes up to 70-80% time with no significant quality decrease. Because it is modular, we called it The LEGO principle.

About the Author

Olivier Denoo is a consultant active in the Business of Structured Software Testing since 1997. He was the key-developer of ps_testware's Y2K testing techniques. Nowadays, he still is a highly respected trainer of this methodology. Continuously looking for new challenges, Olivier started to investigate the possibilities of website and e-commerce testing and became in charge of ps_testware's e-commerce/WWW-testing knowledge base. Currently, he is working in a project at one of the largest Belgian Telecom companies. To be supplied.