QWE2002 Tutorial H2

Mr. Robert Sabourin

Just In Time Testing - Testing Turbulent Web Based Applications

Key Points

Some real examples, from recent e-commerce projects, are described - what works - what does not work - when to use what tools or technique? How to avoid blowing the budget! Practical tools and techniques are reviewed! Examples are from the author's current experience related to testing some key e-commerce sites - noteably the Virtual Model Shopping Experience at www.landsend.com - www.jcpenny.com and many more extremely popular e-commerce sites!

Presentation Abstract

With development cycles becoming extremely short it is important to "plan for", "prepare for" and "react to" risks as they come up during the project.

This tutorial outlines practical steps to follow when setting out to test turbulent web applications. Turbulent web applications experience almost daily requirement changes coupled with frequent changes to existing user interfaces and the continual integration of new functions and features.

Here are some of the points this tutorial looks at.

  • How do you get the most out of limited testing resources available?
  • How to perform GUI testing and Usability testing in parallel with functional testing?
  • How to identify testing objectives?
  • How to implement testability hooks to facilitate automation and regression testing?
  • About the Author

    Robert Sabourin has been involved in all aspects of development, testing and management of software engineering projects. Robert graduated from McGill University in 1982. Since writing his first program in 1972, Robert has become an accomplished software engineering and SQA management expert and evangelist (don't tell me it can't de done!). He is presently the President of AmiBug.Com Inc; a Montreal-based international management consulting firm specializing in the implementation of "light effective process" to achieve excellence in delivering on-time, on-quality, on-budget commercial software solutions. AmiBug.Com provides management consulting, training and professional development directly and with various business partners.