QWE2002 Tutorial J2

Mr. Martin Pol & Mr. Ruud Teunissen
(Polteq, Gitek nv)

Structured Testing

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

This tutorial provides general answers to the questions of what, when, how, with what, where and who in matters of testing. The answers to the questions what and when are given in a life cycle model, which provides the different test phases and activities for all testing levels (from unit test to user acceptance test). The answers to how are given by techniques available for planning, preparing, specification and executing the various tests. The questions with what and where are considered in the description of how to implement the required infrastructure and how to automate the test process adequately. The who aspects deal with the organisation of the test process, e.g. the required expertise, the people and team aspects, resource management, the responsibilities, testware management, etc. Within the tutorial special attention is paid to the application of systematic software testing in different projects, e.g.: Maintenance; RAD; Client/Server & GUI; OO and CBD; ERP; Web & E-BusinessTesting; The Test Factory, etc.

The foundations for the tutorial are taken from TMap, a comprehensive, generic test approach that is applicable for every test level and test activity. It's generic structure enables testers to link their know-how to any innovation in the industry and development method. TMap is a preferred standard in more that 300 companies, including banks, insurance companies, pension funds and government agencies as well in smaller organizations and sectors such as embedded software, telecommunications and logistics.

About the Author

Martin Pol, with more than 25 years of experiences in structured testing is the (co-)author of many publications and books on structured testing in different languages. He is the CEO and a senior consultant for Polteq International Testing Services B.V. He was involved in the development of the structured testing approach TMap and the creation of TPI. Also because he's working in the testing practice every day Martin is a highly regarded lecturer and speaker at conferences throughout the world. He twice chaired the EuroSTAR conference and recently he received the European Testing Excellence Award for his contribution to the field of testing.

Ruud Teunissen is employed in the testing world since 1989. He has been involved in a large number of ICT projects and has performed several functions within the testing organisation: tester, test specialist, test advisor, test manager, etc. Based on his experience, Ruud participated in the development of the structured testing methodology TMap and is co-author of several books on structured testing. The last years Ruud is involved in implementing structured testing within organisations on the Belgian and Dutch market. At this moment Ruud has been working in Belgium for Gitek n.v. as Manager Testen and as such responsible for all testing activities at Gitek (over 45 professional testers). Ruud is frequently speaking at conferences, universities, seminars, workshops etc. (for instance: QWE99, QWE 2000, ICS Test 2000, ICS Test 2001, EuroSTAR 2000, SAI, NOVI, Kluwer Education, IIR).