QWE2002 Paper K1-2

Mr. Robert A. Sabourin

Creating Quality Web Systems

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

This keynote reviews some important challenges of building a quality web system.

"It's all about people - and the occasional bug!". Technology churn and high frequency requirement turbulence combine with "aggressive" time to market demands cause us to challenge traditional methods and technique. Sometimes we pay a heavy price in staff turn-over, burn-out and ultimately Quality. It is important to ensure that team-members have access to the information and technologies they need - when they need it! It is important to ensure that basic testing fundamentals are well understood by all involved in the process! What ever happened to the course Software Testing 101?

The author draws on his experiences in testing Web and e-Commerce sites as well as on Canada's massive "Government On-Line" initiative.

About the Author

Robert Sabourin is President of AmiBug.Com, Inc, a training and management consulting firm specialized in implementing "light effective process" to achieve excellence in delivering on-time, on-quality, on-budget commercial software solutions.

Robert Sabourin has been involved in all aspects of development, testing and management of software engineering projects. (He wrote his first program in 1972 & released his first shrink wrapped product in 1982) Robert is an accomplished software engineering and SQA management expert and evangelist (don't tell me it can't de done!). AmiBug.Com services include training, management consulting and professional development.

In additional to his professional activities Robert is an Adjunct Professor of Software Engineering at McGill University in Montreal Canada. Robert is the author of the popular "I am a Bug!" - a book designed to teach children of SQA professional what their parents really do a work!