QWE2002 Paper K2-2

Mr. Bob Bartlett
(SIM Group)

Power Testing

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Not only does testing have an important part to play throughout the entire development and implementation process, the testing activities can be used to manage most of the project and business risks that exist with software development and implementation. This paper will describe and illustrate how overall risk management and project control is managed with the strategic planning of testing activities.

A compelling business case will be put forward for the early involvement of testers in projects as well as the integration of the testing process. This will be accomplished by extensive use of examples from projects where this was done; many of these will come from e-commerce and e-business implementation projects. All types and phases of testing will be used in the examples from the many projects the author has worked on.

About the Author

Mr. Bob Bartlett has over 30 years in software, and using automated testing techniques throughout. He is an Executive Director and a Chairman of Software testing specialist company today. He is a member of the CSSA executive council. Also, he has designed, developed and sold automated testing tools.