QWE2002 Paper K3-1

Mr. Erik Simmons
(Intel Corporation)

From Requirements to Release Criteria

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Without good planning and monitoring, product quality is often a matter of chance. Specifying quality requirements is an excellent first step to predictable, managed product quality, but it is just the beginning. Quality specification, quality planning, data generation, quality monitoring, and quality reporting all work together to ensure that quality levels are known throughout the project. Quality release criteria are a good way to ensure that product quality drives interim milestone releases and the final product release. The breadth of quality dimensions can force teams to learn new concepts and skills in order to demonstrate the qualities associated with the release criteria. Despite this challenge, quality specification and quality monitoring are excellent practices that help monitor end product quality throughout the lifecycle.

About the Author

Erik Simmons has 15 years experience in multiple aspects of software and quality engineering. Erik currently works as Platform Quality Engineer in the Platform Quality Methods group, part of the Corporate Quality Network at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for Requirements Engineering practices at Intel, and lends support to several other corporate software and product quality initiatives. Erik is a member of the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference Board of Directors and the Steering Committee of the Rose City SPIN. He holds a Masters degree in mathematical modeling and a Bachelors degree in applied mathematics from Humboldt State University in California, and was appointed to the Clinical Faculty of Oregon Health Sciences University in 1991.