Speaker Data Sheet
Quality Week/Europe '98 (QWE'98)
9-13 November 1998
Brussels, Belgium

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Quality Week/Europe '98 (QWE'98): 9-13 November 1998, Brussels, Belgium

Please fill out this Speaker Data Sheet (a summary submission form) and submit it electronically. For multiple authors list the corresponding author first.

Please also forward your complete biographical sketch, along with your 1-2 page paper/presentation abstract, to SR/Institute before 17 July 1998.

If you experience any difficulties with the electronic summary submission process please print out this form, complete it, and FAX it to us at +1 (415) 957-0730.











      Paper Title:  

Target Audience LevelTarget Audience BackgroundBasis of Paper
   Tools & Techniques
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Give three bullet/phrases that describes the main points of your presentation:

Point 1:  
Point 2:  
Point 3:  

Audience Description (Who will benefit most from this presentation?):

Lessons To Be Learned From Presentation (What can be achieved/learned from this presentation?):

Short biography of the author(s):