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"I also want to tell you that attending the QWE'98 was a great experience for me...it was great to realize that we can share our experiences, learn from others, and even work together."
--Monica Bobrowski (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)

"My congratulations to SR and your team. It was the best conference, wonderfully managed and produced. I can't wait to attend next year, and bring many of my colleagues along."
--L. Daniel Crowley, DENAB Systems, USA)

"Thanks for everything regarding the conference. We were really pleased with the results!! I am sure that we will be back next year!!"
--Renee Himelhoch, (Mercury Interactive, Israel)

"First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the quality of the settings and the number of attendees."
--Gualtiero Bazzana (Onion S.p.A., Italy)

"Great conference, see you in Calif next year."
--Steve Kruger (Sun Microsystems, USA)

"I attended QW last year in San Francisco, and STAR '98 West in San Diego this year. Both were worth going to, but I thought QW was better, in that it seemed to provide more concept material that I could bring home and apply to my own situation. STAR seemed to be a lot more focused on specifics of individual case studies, leaving me for the most part trying to see how they would apply to me and my present organization . . . my overall impression with the conference was less favorable than QW."
--Ken Dodge (ATL Products, Inc., USA)

"I have been attending International Software Quality Week for the last two years and very much looking forward to QW'98. I have spent a number of years participating in various test efforts during my professional tenure at FedEx and have benefited tremendously from the training and information provided during the sessions."
--Cheryl Y. Moore (FedEx, USA)

"The conference was very well managed and very informative. The quality of the talks and the exhibits were very good."
--Larry Bernstein (President, National Software Council, USA)

"This year's conference was even better than last year's. As always, you make it seem effortless..."
--Michael Deck (Cleanroom Software Engineering, USA)

"I found the conference to be extremely valuable and enjoyable."
--Marc Roper (University of Strathclyde, England)

"From the many sessions and tutorials it is clear that this conference is playing a key role in the software industry."
--John Marciniak (Consultant, USA)

"Some software quality conferences cover the basics, and cover them, and cover them, and cover them..."

"But only Quality Week pushes the edge of the envelope. Maybe leading edge reports aren't your main interest -- but isn't it good to know they're available if you're interested?"

"Why limit your options?"
--Robert Binder (RBSC Corporation, USA)

"In all comparisons of STAR and QW we should keep the following in mind: STAR tries to be more, but it is essentially just a testing conference with a few other related subjects tossed in. The scope of QW is much broader - essentially everything that relates to software quality."

"STAR appeals primarily to test engineers and first line test managers. In keeping with its larger scoop does QW target QA directors and senior process consultants?"

"STAR takes pains to distance itself from anything "academic." QW seeks to bring the academic and development worlds together."
--Frank Ackerman (Independent Consultant, USA)

"I am looking forward to taking an active part in QW again. Quality Week is very effective in developing, inspecting and testing the vital links between technical, management and research people."
--Lech Krzanik (CCC Software Professionals, Finland)

"Quality Week is vital to promotion methods and tools to assure high integrity software."
--Dolores Wallace (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA)

"Quality Week is especially important for bringing together researchers and practitioners."
--Mary Jean Harrold (Clemson University, USA)

"The exchange between these two groups -- industry and academia -- is certainly healthy for the future of software quality."
--Thomas Cheatham (Middle Tennessee State University, USA)

"Quality Week is great because of the people I get to meet there. Absolutely top flight world class speakers, but a really well qualified audience too. If you are looking for inspiration and illumination, this is the place. But, you need to work at any conference by meeting and talking to the people who interest you. Be prepared to work and play hard here. I come as a speaker, because I know I am going to meet so many other interesting people."
--Tom Gilb (Consultant, Norway)

"In my opinion, Quality Week has in the years acquired the place of the world-wide flagship conference for bringing together researchers and practitioners in software testing and quality. I really believe it is unique in this achievement. This year's program continues in the tradition of offering a very rich collection of papers, coming from all over the world and representing both academic and industrial up-to-date and useful results. With the many tutorials offered by renowned names in the respective topics (some are really the best!), with the three parallel tracks of reviewed papers, and with the newly entry of quick start mini-tutorials, Quality Week will certainly enrich attendants with many fruitful insights and ideas useful for their research or development work. I would advise anyone who is interested to enter the software quality circles, be it for contributing or for learning not to miss this event!"
--Prof. Antonella Bertolino (CNR-IEI, ITALY)

"Out of the three testing conferences I attended this year, Quality Week had the most technically qualified speakers and the most even distribution between practicing and academic orientation."
--Bob Poston (AONIX, USA)

"I truly enjoyed last year's conference ... many of the presentations were quite technical in nature ... differentiating it from other conferences."
--Kerry Zallar (Pacific Bell, USA)

"I found the conference to be extremely valuable and enjoyable."
--Marc Roper (University of Strathclyde, SCOTLAND)

"Quality Week's conference themes focus on proven and practical methods for software quality improvement."
--Bill Deibler (SSQC, USA)

"Thank you and all QW97 organizers for inviting me to give a talk at QW97. I enjoyed very much the conference and planning to come to San Francisco again for QW98."
--Dr. Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar (Florida Atlantic University, USA)

"QW '97 was an excellent experience and well worth attending."
--Fraser Macdonald (University of Strathclyde, SCOTLAND)

"Once again thank you for a marvelous conference, and the kind letter Ed and you sent me thanking me for my part in it."
--Otto Vinter (Consultant, NORWAY)

"Quality Week 97 was a wonderful conference for me. Since I have been involved in putting conferences together, I know how much effort you put in, and how very good you are at this!"
Dolores R. Wallace (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA)

"Thanks for a good conference!"
Nicholas Zvegintzov (Software Management Network, USA)

"Thank you for inviting me and for a superbly run conference!"
John D. Musa (Consultant, USA)