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Thanks for visiting the Quality Week (QW) and Quality Week/Europe (QWE) home page. The Quality Week (QW) and Quality Week Europe (QWE) conferences are the long-acknowledged top technical conferences on soft

About The Quality Week Conferences
QW/QWE Paper Index: 1988 - 2002
QW/QWE Board Members
Remembering Boris Beizer
SR/Institute Memo after 9-11

QW/QWE Digitization Project
We have completed the process of digitizing all the QW/QWE conference material that we have. The inventory of the complete set of proceedings, tutorial notes, and a variety of promotional material can be found here:

QW/QWE Consolidated Conference Material Inventory

Here is a summary and overview that acts as a guide:

QW/QWE Archive

For your conveniece here is an inventory of all of the QW & QWE conference brochures:

QW/QWE Brochures
We are interested in your opinions about this body of information, 20+ years beyond the events themselves. Send your comments to edward.f.miller@gmail.com.

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