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Quality Week 2002

 San Francisco, California, USA   |   3 - 6 September 2002 

Golden Gate Bridge

QW2002 is the 20th in the continuing series of International Internet & Software Quality Week Conferences that focus on advances in software test technology, reliability assessment, software quality processes, quality control, risk management, software safety and reliability, and test automation as it applies to client-server applications and websites. Software analysis and verification methodologies and processes, supported by automated software analysis and test tools, promise major advances in system software and website quality, reliability, and availability.

The Mission of the QW2002 Conference is to increase awareness of the entire spectrum of methods used to achieve internet and software quality. QW2002 provides technical education, with opportunities for practical experience exchange, for the software development and testing community.

ABOUT QW2002's THEME: The Wired World

Change is very rapid in the new wired world, and the wave of change brought about by the Internet affects how we approach our work, and how we think about quality of software and its main appplications in IT and E-commerce. QW2002 aims to tackle internet and related issues head on, with special presentations dealing with changes in the software quality and internet areas.

QW2002 OFFERS...

The QW2002 program consists of four days of mini-Tutorials, panels, technical papers and workshops that focus on software and internet test technologies. QW2002 provides the Software Testing and Web Quality community with:

  • Real-World Experience from Leading Industry and Government Practitioners.
  • Quality Assurance and Test involvement in the development process.
  • Lessons Learned & Success Stories.
  • Latest Tools and Trends.
  • State-of-the-art information on software quality and Web methods.
  • Vendor Technical Presentations and Demonstrations
  • Carefully chosen 1/2-day and full-day tutorials from well-known technical experts.
  • Three-Day Conference, including Five Tracks: Technology, Web/Internet, Applications, Process/Management, Quick-Start.
  • Two-Day Vendor Show/Exhibition
  • Analysis of method and process effectiveness through case studies.
  • Over 80 Presentations
  • Meetings of Special Interest Groups and ad hoc Birds-Of-A-Feather Sessions.
  • Exchange of critical information among technologists, managers, and consultants.

QW2002 is soliciting 45 and 90 minute technical presentations, tutorial proposals, quick-start proposals, and panel discussion proposal, on all areas of internet and software quality, including:

Website Monitoring
E-Commerce Reliability/Assurance
Application of Formal Methods
Software Reliability Studies
Client/Server Testing
CMM/PMM Process Assessment
Cost / Schedule Estimation
Test Data Generation and Techniques
Automated Inspection Methods
Test Documentation Standards
GUI Test Technology
Integrated Test Environments
Quality of Service (QoS) Matters
Website Load Generation and Analysis
Object Oriented Testing
Test Management Automation
Process Improvement
GUI Test Management
Productivity and Quality Issues
Real-Time Software
New and Novel Test Methods
Test Automation Technology and Experience
WebSite Testing
Real-World Experience
Defect Tracking / Monitoring
Risk Management
Test Planning Methods
Test Policies and Standards
Website Quality Issues
Test Outsourcing


Abstracts and Proposals Due 30 April 2002
Notification of Participation 15 June 2002
Presentation Materials Due 15 July 2002


Here are the steps for submitting material for QW2002:

  1. Prepare your QW2002 Abstract as an ASCII file, a Microsoft Word document, or in PostScript or PDF format. Abstracts should be 1-2 pages long, with enough detail to give members of QW2002's International Advisory Board an understanding of the final paper/presentation, including a rough outline of its contents. Send it by Email (as a MIME attachment) to: qw@soft.com.

    Please include in the Email:

    • A brief biographical sketch of each author.
    • A photo of each author.
    • The complete coordinates of the primary author.

  2. Fill out the Speaker Data Sheet giving some essential facts about you and about your proposed presentation.

  3. If you prefer, you may send material by postal mail to:
    Ms. Rita Bral
    Software Research Institute
    1663 Mission Street, Suite 400
    San Francisco, CA 94103 USA

Best Paper Award: The winner receives wide recognition in the QA Community and receives a $1,000 grant.

Best Presentation Award: The winner is invited to present the winning talk at Quality Week Europe 2003 (QWE2003) set for March 2003 in Brussels, BELGIUM, EU.

For information on the QW2002 Conference, e-mail your request to qw@soft.com, phone SR/Institute at [+1] (415) 861-2800, or FAX SR/Institute at [+1] (415) 861-9801.

Candidate product/service vendors should contact the QW2002 team early as exhibit space is strictly limited.

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