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Quality Week 2001

 San Francisco, California, USA   |   29 May - 1 June 2001 

The 14th International Software / Internet Quality Week has a very strong technical program organized into separate tracks depending on the content of the presentations. The team of speakers at QW2001 is the strongest ever assembled.

NOTE: The program selections, speaker biographies, and presentation abstracts may be incomplete in some instances; this material is being updated constantly. All material presented is based on the best information available and may be subject to change. Updated 16 Feb 2001.

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Mr. Rakesh Agarwal, Santanu Banerjee, Bhaskar Gosh (Infosys Technologies Ltd) Estimating Internet Based Projects: A Case Study (6W2)
Mr. James Bach (Satisfice Inc) High Accountability Exploratory Testing (7Q)
Mr. Gualtiero Bazzana (ONION, S.P.A) Web Testing Techniques and Tools (D1) (D2)
Mr. Kent Beck (Author) Extreme Programming Explained (2Q)
Mr. Robert Benjamin, Ruth Pennoyer, Karen Law (Spherion Corporation) Pre-Defining Success: Incorporating e-Metrics Into Business And Technical Requirements For Web And e-Business Solutions (2M2)
Mr. Greg Berger (Lawson Software) Creating A Tool-Independent Test Environment (9T1)
Dr. Mark Blackburn, Robert Busser, Aaron Nauman (Software Productivity Consortium) Model-based Approach To Security Test Automation (3T2)
Mr. Daniel Blezek, Mr. Timothy Kelliher, Mr. William Lorensen, Mr. James (GE Corporate R&D) The Frost Extreme Testing Framework (9T2)
Mr. Nick Borelli (Microsoft) Ask The Experts (Panel Session) (8P)
Mr. Juris Borzovs & Mr. Martins Gills (Riga Information Technology Inst.) Software Testing in Latvia: Lessons Learned (6A2)
Mr. J.D. Brisk (Exodus Communications) Peer-to-Peer Computing: The Future Of Internet Performance Testing (8T1)
Dr. Vince Budrovich (ParaSoft Corporation) Increasing The Effectiveness Of Load Testing: Unit-Level Load Testing (8A1)
Dr. Kobad Bugwadia & Mr. Kris Mohan (Intel Corporation) Quality Issues, Requirements & Challenges for Multimedia Streaming on the Internet (SB Internet)

Mr. Greg Clower (SDT Corporation) Establishing a Telecommunication Test Automation System (4Q)
Mr. Don Cohen (Princeton Softech) Requirements For A Comprehensive Testing Environment (7T1)
Mr. Ross Collard (Collard and Co.) Test Estimating (F1)
Mr. Adrian Cowderoy (ProfessionalSpirit Ltd) Quality in a Dotcom Startup -- Fact or Fiction? (2W1)
Mr. Ralph Dalebout (IBM Printing Systems Division) Beta Testing With Rapid Development (3A1)
Ms. Kim Davis, Mr. Robert Sabourin (My Virtual Model Inc.) Exploring, Discovering and Exterminating Bug Clusters In Web Applications (8W2)
Mr. Bill Deibler (Software Systems Qaulity Consulting) Making the CMM Work: Streamlining the CMM for Todays Projects and Organizations (B2)
Mr. Thomas Drake (Integrated Computer Concepts, Inc ICCI) The Quality Challenge For Network Based Software Systems (G1)
Ms. Elfriede Dustin (BNA Software) Automating Software Testing: A Life-Cycle Methodology (W2)

Dr. Nancy Eickelmann & Mr. Allan Willey (Motorola Labs) An Integrated System Test Environment (2T2)
Mr. Michael Ensminger (PAR3 Communications) Walk & Stagger Through Review Process (7M1)
Mr. David Fern (Micros Systems Inc.) How Testers Can And Should Drive Development Cycles (4M1)
Ms. Jeanette Folkes (Modem Media) WebTesting 101 (6Q)

Mr. Elli Georgiadou, Naomi Barbor (University of North London) Investigating The Applicability Of The Taguchi Method To Software Development (3M2)
Mr. Tom Gilb (Result Planning Limited) Planguage: A Defined Language for Clearer Requirements and Design (3Q)
Mr. Tom Gilb (Result Planning Limited) Software Inspection For The Internet Age: How To Increase Effect And Radically Reduce the Cost (A1)
Mr. Tom Gilb (Result Planning Limited) Software Inspection For The Internet Age: How To Increase Effect And Radically Reduce the Cost (A2)
Mr. Bhushan Gupta, Steve Rhodes (Hewlett-Packard Co.) Adopting A Lifecycle For Developing Web Based Applications (7W1)
Prof. Warren Harrison (Portland State University) A Universal Metrics Repository (4T1)
Prof. Warren Harrison, David Raffo, John Settle (Portland State University) Process Improvement As A Capital Investment (7M2)
Dr. James Helm (Univ. of Houston Clear Lake) Web-Based Application Quality Assurance Testing (8W1)
Mr. Michael Hillelsohn (Software Performance Systems) Organizational Performance Egineering: Quality Assurance For The 21st Century (9M1)
Mr. Phil Hollows (RadView Software) Best Practices in Web Performance Testing: "Not Optional Anymore!" (4W2)
Mr. Todd Hsueh (IBM) Innovative Web Test Process & Control Tool (2W2)
Ms. Patricia Humphrey (Neoforma.com) Quality Assurance and the Internet Site - How To Effectively Hit a Moving Target (9W1)

Mr. Scott Jefferies (Technology Builders, Inc.) A Requirements-Based Approach To Delivering E-Business And Enterprise Applications (2M1)
Mr. Mark Johnson (Cadence Design Systems) How Are You Going To Test All Those Configurations? (6W1)
Mr. Michael Jones, Assistant Professor (Dromedary Peak Consulting/Western International University) High Availability Testing (7A2)

Dr. Cem Kaner (Florida Institute of Technology) Developing The Right Test Documentation (W1)
Dr. Cem Kaner (Florida Institute of Technology) Managing The Proportion Of Testers To Developers (4M2)
Dr. Cem Kaner (Florida Institute of Technology) Teaching Testing: A Skills-Based Approach (F2)
Mr. Henk Keesom, Mr. John Musa (Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics) Using Internal Product Development Test Data To Calculate Software (4A1)
Mr. Timothy Kelliher, Daniel Slezek, William Lorensen, James Miller (GE Research & Development) Six-Sigma Meets Extreme Programming: Changing the Way We Work (3M1)
Mr. Ed Kit (SDT Corporation) Establishing a Fully Integrated Test Automation Architecture (G2)
Mr. Prashant Lambat, Annuradha Bhide Double Byte Compliance Testing (9W2)
Ms. Nancy Landau (Alltel Technology Services) Performance Testing Applications In Internet Time (3W1)
Mr. Brian Lawrence (Coyote Valley Software) Choosing Potential Improvements -- Comparing Appoaches (9M2)
Mr. Brian Lawrence (Coyote Valley Software) How DO You Test Internet Software? (Panel Session) (4P)
Mr. James Lyndsay (Workroom Productions) The Importance of Data In Functional Testing (7T2)

Mrs. Manjula Madan (Philips Software Centre, Bangalore) Our Experiences In Defect Reduction Using Orthogonal Defect Classification Methodology (3T1)
Mr. Brian Marick (Software Testing Consulting) Testing for Programmers (A2)
Mr. Tobias Mayer (eValid, Inc) InBrowser WebSite Testing: The Client-Side Approach (2T1)
Dr. Edward Miller (eValid, Inc.) Client-Side WebSite Testing (E2)
Dr. John Musa (Consultant) How Will The Internet Affect Software Quality Practice? (Panel Discussion) (9Q)
Dr. John Musa (Consultant) More Reliable Software Faster And Cheaper (C2)
Mr. Suresh Nageswaran (Cognizant Technology Solutions CTS) Test Effort Estimation Using Use Case Points (UCP) (4T2)
Mr. Hung Nguyen (LogiGear Technology) The Design and Implementation of a Flexible, Reusable and Maintainable Automation Framework (9A2)
Mr. Nikhil Nilakantan, Ibrahim K. El-Far (Florida Tech) Why Is API Testing Different (4W1)

Mr. Klaus Olsen (Softwaretest.dk) Using The W Model To Institutionalize Inspections, And Improve Knowledge Transfers (2A2)
Mr. Eric Patel (Nokia Home Communications) Rapid SQA: Web Testing At The Speed Of The Internet (7W2)
Mr. Kamesh Pemmaraju (Cigital, Inc.) Software Risk Management (8M2)
Mr. Geert Pinxten (I2B) The Extended Product Quality Model: Dynamic Focussing On Those Quality (6M1)

Mr. Roger Records (Boeing Commercial Airplane Group) Assuring Quality In Outsourced Software (3A2)
Mr. Harry Robinson (Microsoft) Getting Started With Model-Based Testing (2A1)
Ms. Johanna Rothman (The Rothman Consulting Group ) Using Requirements To Create Release Criteria (6M2)
Ms. Johanna Rothman, Elizabeth Hendrickson (The Rothman Consulting Group) Grace Under Pressure: Handline Sticky Situations in Testing (W4)

Mr. Robert Sabourin (AmiBug.Com) Bug Priority And Severity (W3)
Mr. Robert Sabourin (AmiBug.Com) Getting Started -- Stressing Web Applications: Stress Early -- Stress Often (E1)
Mr. Robert Sabourin (AmiBug.Com) The Effective SQA Manager: Getting Things Done (8Q)
Dr. Holger Schlingloff, Jan Bredereke (Technologie-Zentrum Informatik) Specification Based Testing Of the UMTS Protocol Stack (7A1)
Dr. Norman Schneidewind (Naval Postgraduate School) A Roadmap To Distributed Client-Server Software Reliability Engineering (C1)
Mr. Erik Simmons (Intel Corporation) Product Triage: A "Medical" Approach To Predicting And Monitoring Product (4A2)
Mr. Erik Simmons (Intel Corporation) Quantifying Quality Requirements using Planguage (8T2)
Mr. Erik Simmons (Intel Corporation) Writing Good Requirements (B1)
Mr. Steve Splaine (Splaine & Associates ) Modeling The Real World For Load Testing Web Sites (3W2)
Dr. Rainer Stetter (ITQ Gmbh) Test Strategies for Embedded Systems (6T1)
Dr. Harmen Sthamer, Joachim Wegener (DaimlerChrysler AG) Evolutionary Testing Of Embedded Systems (9A1)
Mr. Keith Stobie (BEA Systems, Inc.) Automating Test Oracles and Decomposability (6T2)
Ms. Sandy Sweeney (Compuware Corporation) Risky Business -- Adding Risk Assessment To The Test Planning Process (8M1)
Mr. Scott Trappe (Reasoning, Inc.) Building Better Software Code: Finding Bugs You Never Knew You Had (8A2)

Mr. Steve Whitchurch (Mentor Graphics Corp.) Trials and Tribulations Of Testing a Java/C++ Hybrid Application (6A1)

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