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13th International Software  /  Internet Quality Week
Conference Theme:
New Century, New Beginnings

San Francisco, California USA
30 May 2000 - 2 June 2000


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The 13th International Software / Internet Quality Week Technical Program has a very strong technical program organized into separate tracks depending on the content of the presentations. The team of speakers at QW2000 is the strongest ever assembled.

NOTE: The program selections, speaker biographies, and presentation abstracts may be incomplete in some instances; this material is being updated constantly. All material presented is based on the best information available and may be subject to change. Updated 20 March 2000.

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Mr. James Andrews (The Open Group) Automated Conformance Testing for IT & T Product Certification (2A1)
Mr. Rob Baarda (IQUIP Informatica BV) Risk Based Test Strategy (9A1)
Mr. Rob Baarda & Tim Koomen (IQUIP Informatica BV) Stepwise Improvement of the Testing Process using TPI(tm) (D2)
Mr. James Bach (Satisfice, Inc.) The Heuristic Approach to Testing (2Q)
Mr. Robert Bauer & Mr. Russell F. Ingram (Levetate Design Systems) Building a Parallel Test Environment (3T1)
Dr. G. Bazzana & E. Fagnoni (ONION s.r.l.) Testing Web-based Applications: Techniques for Conformance Testing (F1)
Mr. Robert Binder (RBSC Corporation) How To Write A Test Design Pattern (A2)
Mr. Robert Binder (RBSC Corporation) Best Practices for Object-Oriented Systems (3Q)
Mr. Rex Black (Rex Black Consulting Services, Inc.) The Fine Art of Writing a Good Bug Report (7M2)
Dr. Mark Blackburn & Joseph Fontaine (Software Productivity Consortium) Application of the Test Automation Framework for Model Analysis and Test Generation (4T2) BR> Mr. Nick Borelli (Microsoft) Ask The Quality Experts (Panel Session) (8P)

Mr. David Carman (Telcordia Technologies) Measuring Test Effectiveness: The Use and Misuse of Test Coverage (3A1)
Dr. Wen-Kui Chang & Mr. Shing-Kai Hon (Tunghai University) A Systematic Framework for Ensuring Link Validity under Web Browsing Environments (9W1)
Mr. Ross Collard (Collard & Company) Test Planning Workshop (E1)

Mr. Patrick Copeland (Microsoft) Redesigning a Testing Organization for Delivery to the Web (7M1)
Mr. Adrian Cowderoy (MMHQ) Cool Q - Quality Improvement for Multi-disciplinary Tasks in Website Development (F2)
Mr. Adrian Cowderoy (MMHQ) Technical Quality is Just the Start -- The Real Battle is Commercial Quality (8W1)
Ms. Lisa Crispin ( Guerilla Tool Selection (6M1)
Ms. Lisa Crispin ( Stranger in a Strange Land -- Bringing Quality Assurance to a Web Startup (6W2)
Mr. Marcelo Dalceggio (Banco Rio de la Plata SA) Automated Software Inspection Process (10P1)
Mr. Michael Deck (Cleanroom Software Engineering, Inc.) Requirements Analysis Using Formal Methods (C1)
Mr. Bill Deibler (SSQC) Making the CMM Work: Streamlining the CMM for Small Projects and Organizations (D1)
Mr. Thomas Drake (ICCI) Testing Network Based Software Systems -- The Future Frontier (8Q)

Mr. James Elder & Mr. Ricard Roma i Dalfo (Microsoft) Object Based Machine Automation ("OSIRIS Project") (2T2)
Dr. Stu Feldman (IBM) Internet and E-Commerce: Issues and Answers (1P1)
Mr. Joel Fleiss (VeriTest) The ABCs of Managing a Software Testing Project (2M1)
Ms. Jeanette Folkes & Mr. Bert Lamar (Ogilvy Interactive) The Challenges of Web Testing (7W1)
Mr. Ted Fuller ( Notes From The Front Lines: How to Test Anything and Everything on a Web Site (2W1)

Dr. Jerry Gao, Mr. Kamal Gupta & Ms. Shalina Gupta (San Jose State University) Design for Testability of Software Components (6A2)
Ms. Pat Garverick (Landmark Systems Corporation) Testing the Performance Impact of a Web-based Application (4W1)
Mr. Tom Gilb (Result Planning Limited) Pitiful and Powerful Measures of Software Metrics (4Q)
Mr. Tom Gilb (Result Planning Limited) Requirements Engineering for Software Developers and Testers (C2)
Dr. Bill Gilmore (Intel Corporation) The Intel Software Corporate Quality Network (1P2)
Mr. Sam Guckenheimer (Rational Software Corporation) Enabling Testable Architectures with UML (9T1)
Mrs. Hong Guo, Prof. Graham King, Ms. Margaret Ross & Mr. Geoffe Stable (Southampton Institute) Using BOOTSTRAP to Improve the Management of Software Process in a Virtual Software Organization? (9M1)
Dr. Jean Hartmann & Mr. Claudio Imoberdorf (Siemens Corporate Research) Functional Testing of Distributed, Component-Based Software (6A1)
Ms. Linda Hayes (WorkSoft) Advanced Scripting Techniques: Making Automation Accessible (3A2)
Ms. Elisabeth Hendrickson (Aveo Inc.) Quality in an ASP Environment (6T2)
Mr. Douglas Hoffmann (Software Quality Methods LLC) Oracle Strategies for Automated Testing (Technology Workshop) (W1)

Mr. Sanjay Jejurikar (Microsoft) The Engineering Process of Windows 2000 (10P2)
Mr. Cem Kaner Bug Advocacy (Applications Workshop) (W2)
Mr. Cem Kaner Yes, But What Are We Measuring? (3M2)
Mr. Edward Kit Software Testing in the Real World (G1)
Mr. Richard Kasperowski (Altisimo Computing) Opportunistic Software Quality (9M2)
Mr. Giuseppe Lami, Ms. Stefania Gnesi, Prof. Mario Fusani & Mr. Fabrizio Fabbrini (Istituto di Elaborazione dell'Informazione) Quality Evaluation of Software Requirements Specifications (8A2)
Mr. Jerrold Landau (IBM Canada) An Overview of Testing Methodology and Experience at IBM Corepoint Banking Solutions
Mr. D.J. Law (QWest Communications)
Certification Programs for Software Quality and Test Professionals (8M1)
Mr. Brian Lawrence & Ms. Johanna Rothman (Coyote Valley Software / Rothman Consulting, Inc.) Testing in the Dark (6M2)
Mr. Brian Lawrence (Coyote Valley Software) How Can I Tell When My Project's in Trouble? (Panel) (9P)
Mr. Phil Lones (Lucent Technologies)
A Practical Approach to Testing Software in an Evolutionary Delivery Environment (3M1)
Mr. Chris Loosley & Mr. Eric Siegel (Keynote Systems) Web Application Performance (G2)
Mr. William Lorensen & Mr. James Miller (GE Corporate Research & Development) Visualization Toolkit Extreme Testing: A Production Release Every Day (4A1)

Ms. Andrea MacIntosh & Mr. Wolfgang Strigel (QA Labs Inc.) "The Living Creature" - Testing Web Applications (7W2)
Mr. Brian Marick, Mr. James Bach & Mr. Cem Kaner Evaluating Test Suites (7Q)
Mr. Tobias Mayer (eValid, Inc.) WebSite Testing (6Q)
Mr. Atif Memon, Dr. Martha E. Pollack, & Dr. Mary Lou Soffa (University of Pittsburgh) A Planning-Based Approach to GUI Testing (8T1)
Dr. Edward Miller (Software Research, Inc.) Achieving WebSite Quality (Internet Workshop) (W3)
Dr. John Musa (Consultant) Developing More Reliable Software Faster and Cheaper (B2)
Dr. John Musa (Consultant) A Good Idea! But How Do We Get People To Use It? (8A1)
Mr. Alan Myrvold (Entrust Technologies Limited) Feeling Tcl-ish? Applying Tcl to Real Test Tasks (6T1)

Mr. Robert Oshana (Raytheon Systems Company) Performance Engineering of an Embedded System Application (3T2)
Mr. Leon Osterweil (Unviersity of Massachusetts) Determining the Quality of Electronic Commerce Processes (5P1)
Mr. Rainer Pirker (IBM / Austria) The Need for Quality -- e-Business Performance Testing (5P2)
Mr. Steven Porter (API / Independent) From Web Site to Web App: Ensuring Quality in a Complex Environment (2W2)

Mr. Steven Rabin (Interworld Corp.) eCommerce Performance Management Lifecycle -- Benchmarking, Methodology and Criteria (4W2)
Dr. Linda Rosenberg, Ms. Ruth Stapko, & Mr. Albert Gallo (NASA GSFC) Risk-based Object Oriented Testing (E2)
Ms. Johanna Rothman (Rothman Consulting Group) Life as a New Test Manager (A1)
Ms. Johanna Rothman (Rothman Consulting Group) The Influential Test Manager (2M2)

Mr. Robert Sabourin (Purkinje Inc.) The Effective SQA Manager - Getting Things Done (Management Workshop) (W4)
Mr. Alberto Savoia (Velogic Inc.) The Science of Website Load Testing (3W1)
Prof. Norman Schneidewind (Naval Postgraduate School) A Roadmap to Distributed Client-Server Software Reliability Engineering (B1)
Mr. Michael Silverstein (SilverMark, Inc.) Automating Testing of Object-Oriented Components Using Intelligent Test Artifacts (2T1)
Prof. Gene Spafford (CERIAS / Purdue University) Information Security Requires Assurance (10P3)
Dr. Andreas Spillner & Dr. Ulrich Breymann (Hochschule Bremen) Semantic Differences Between C++ and Java: Consequences for the Review and Test Process (7T1)
Dr. Rainer Stetter (Software Factory GmbH) Software Quality for Embedded Systems (4T1)
Dr. B.M. Subraya & Mr. S. V. Subrahmanya (Infosys) Performance Testing: A Methodical Approach to E-Commerce Applications (3W2)
Mr. Stephen Sullivan (Mathcom Solutions, Inc.) Performance Engineering for Java and the Web (8T2)
Mr. Anand Sundaram (RSW Software, Inc.) Managing E-Business Quality in Internet Time (6W1)
Mr. Tim Szymanski (Advanced Software Technologies, Inc.) Quality Starts with Requirements: How the UML Can Help (9T2)
Mr. Juichi Takahashi (Florida Institute of Technology) Is Special Software Testing Necessary Before Releasing Products to an International Market? (2A2)
Mr. Scott Trappe (Reasoning Inc.) Find the Defects that Traditional Testing Misses with Automated Software Inspection Services (7A2)

Mr. Kevin VanFlandern (Microsoft, Inc.) Benchmarking Large Windows Based Applications (4A2)
Mr. Otto Vinter (DELTA Danish Electronics, Light & Acoustics) Experience-Based Approaches to Process Improvement (9Q)

Dr. Yingxu Wang (Centre for Software Engineering) A Practical New Approach to COTS Testing (7A1)
Mr. Steven Watson (CNET Inc.) Quality Assurance Challenges in the Internet Industry (8W2)
Mr. Michael Weider (Watchfire) The Web Application Process: Development & Testing (9W2)
Mr. Charles White (Segue Software, Inc.) Functional Testing of CORBA based Systems in Java (7T2)
Mr. Doug Whitney, Panel Chair (Intel Corporation) Protecting Intellectual Property in an Open Source World (Panel) (4P)

Mr. Marc Zasada (VeriTest) What Does "Application Certification" Mean in the Software Industry? (8M2)