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Quality Week Europe 2002

 Brussels, Belgium    |   11 March - 15 March 2002 


QWE2002's full-day and half-day address the most important issues and questions facing the world software and internet community.

To begin with, there is the issue of WebSite quality. First, get inspiration from "RobSab" in his Getting Started - Stressing Web Applications, Stress Early - Stress Often by Mr. Robert Sabourin [Amibug.com, Canada] and follow that up with a new-technology approach (based in the browser) Web Testing - A Practical Approach by Dr. Edward Miller [eValid, Inc., USA]. If you are into XP ideas, you'll love hearing Just In Time Testing - Testing Turbulent Web Based Applications by Mr. Robert Sabourin [Amibug.com, Canada]. Finally, to summarize it all, we have Web Testing Master Class by Dr. G. Bazzana and Mrs. Ioana Ene [Onion, Italy].

Next, we have concerns about software process. Thinking and action are the keys. Consider attending Think Green! Think Different! Think Modular! (The LEGO Principle) by Mr. Olivier Denoo [ps_testware, Belgium] or Managing the Testing Process - Organization, Motivation, and Techniques by Mr. Rex Black [RBCS, Inc., USA]. And, for a somewhat more formalized approach, don't miss Stepwise Improvement of the Test Process using TPI by Mr. Martin Pol [Polteq, Netherlands] & [Mr. Ruud Teunissen [Gitek nv, Belgium].

Newer technology can make a real difference. Here are four major technological expositions that you won't want to miss. Writing Good Requirements by Mr. Erik Simmons [Inter Corporation, USA], Model-Based Testing by Mr. Ibrahim K. El-Far [Florida Institute of Technology, USA], Guided Inspection of UML Models by Dr. John McGregor [Luminary Software, USA], and, Software Measurement: The Goal/Question/Metric Method by Dr. Rini vanSolingen [CMG, Netherlands].

Lastly, and certainly not least by any means, is the significant impact you gain from systematic testing. Hear an inspiring talk by experienced veterans Emotional Intelligence as the Key to Software Testing by Mr. Jens Pas [I2B, Belgium], and Structured Testing by Mr. Martin Pol [Polteq, Netherlands] & [Mr. Ruud Teunissen [Gitek nv, Belgium]. Measure you own level of expertise with Introduction to the Test Maturity Model by Dr. Erik P. vanVeenendaal [Improve Quality Services BV, Netherlands], and impose the best possible process with Introduction to Defect Analysis by Mr. Otto Vinter [Software Engineering Mentor, Denmark].

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The QWE2002 Theme, "Internet Now!" is intended to focus our attention on the main issues of the day. And the keynote talks do just that. Representing the future are Building the Infrastructure for The Future by Mr. Rik Nuytten [Cisco Systems, Belgium], Creating Quality Web Systems by Mr. Robert A. Sabourin [Amibug.com, Canada], and Organizing for High Tech Innovation by Prof. Koenraad Debackere [KUL, Belgium].

An dealing with squeezing the absolute most out of current technology and experience are: Power Testing Mr. Bob Bartlett by Mr. Bob Bartlett [SIM Group, UK], Independent Verification and Validation Implementation at NASA by Dr. Linda Rosenberg [GSFC NASA, USA], and From Requirements to Release Criteria by Mr. Erik Simmons [Intel Corporation, USA].

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Software testing -- with the same basic methods applied to websites -- remains a mainstay. Hear about new advances in How to Use Scientific Methods In Software Testing by Mr. Anders Claesson [Enea Realtime AB, Sweden] and Choosing an Appropriate Software Testing Method by Mr. Ibrahim K. El-Far, Ms. Florence E. Mottay, Mr. Herbert H. Thompson & Mr. Nikhil Nilakantan [Florida Institute of Technology, USA]. And, a new twist, here is work on handling a geographically dispersed project: Virtual Test Management- Rapid Testing Over Multiple Time Zone by Mr. Jim Bampos [Lionbridge, USA] & Mr. Eric Patel [Nokia, USA].

But the impact of the Internet (remember the theme Internet Now!) is clear in these to technology talks: Automated Functional Testing of Web-Based Applications by Mr. Oliver Niese, Dr. Tiziana Margaria & Prof. Bernhard Steffen [METAFrame Technologies GmbH, Germany], and, InBrowser WebSite Testing- The Client-Side Approach by Mr. Tobias Mayer [eValid, Inc., USA].

New tool technology always contributes to simplifying work and enhancing the quality of life for software testers. Don't miss these talks that deal with new and novel approaches: Tool Support for Model Based Statistical Testing by Dr. Stacy Prowell [The University of Tennessee, USA], State-of-the Art Information on Petri Nets Applied to Software Quality by Dr. Mihaela Barreau, Dr. Jean-Yves Morel & Dr. Alexis Todoskoff [University of Angers, France], Traceability and Reproducibility in Integrated System Test Environments by Dr. Nancy Eickelmann & Mr. Allan Willey [Motorola Labs, USA], and, Validating Quality Requirements of Object Oriented Design by Mr. Jamal Said & Mr. Eric Steegmans [Department of Computer Science, K.U. Leuven, Belgium].

Experience may be the best teacher -- and if we don't learn from the past...well, everyone knows the rest of that one. Here are four super examples of how to be the most from the past: A Tool for the Design & Analysis of Software Safety-Critical Systems by Ms. Janet A. Gill & Dr. Frederick Ferguson [NAVAIR, Software Safety-Critical Systems, Inc., USA], Systematic Validation of an Interlocking System by Ms. Begona Laibarra [SQS SA, Spain] & Mr. Francisco Vega [Alcatel SEL, Spain], and, Improving Component Quality Through the Systematic Combination of Construction and Analysis by Dr. Christian Bunse & Dr. Oliver Laitenberger [Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering, Germany].

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It's not all for naught! Yes, there really are success stories. For example, QA Success Story for Embedded Systems in Real Time Control Systems by Mr. Jon Maurolagoitia [SQS S.A., Spain], and, Experience in Testing Pocket PC Applications by Mr. Ibrahim K. El-Far, Ms. Florence E. Mottay & Mr. Herbert H. Thompson [Florida Institute of Technology, USA].

And, new technology does have a role, as these two presentations point out: Testing of CORBA Products by Ms. Mang Li, Mr. Axel Rennoch, Dr. Ina Schieferdecker & Ms.Dorota Witaszek [GMD FOKUS, Germany], and, The AGEDIS Software Test Technology Project by Mr. Bernd Mattern [imbus AG, Germany].

How you "play the game" is important to getting good results. Take a look at these experience-based presentations: Metrics-Cockpit Means of 'Viewing' the Project by Mr. Sridhar Narayanan [Cognizant Technology Solutions, USA] , Performance Testing - "Step On It" by Ms. Nadine Pelicaen [ps_testware, Belgium], and, The Importance of Data in Functional Testing by Mr. James Lyndsay [Workroom Productions, Germany].

Knowing how to get the best out of long-tried technologies is also key, as these papers make clear: Configuration Management in a Test Centre by Mr. Kie Liang Tan [CMG, Netherlands], Structuring Your Tests in a Component Based Environment by Mr. Chris C. Schotanus [CMG, Netherlands], and, Product Triage - A Medical Approach to Predicting and Monitoring Product by Mr. Erik Simmons [Intel Corporation, USA].

But there is always room for improvement. Her are two papers that focus on how to bring new methods "on stream": Testing Challenges of Incremental Component Based Development by Mr. Leo VanDerAalst [Gitek nv, Belgium], and, Steps to Bring the V-Model Into Real Life - A Case Study by Dr. Rainer Stetter [ITQ GmbH & Software Factory GmbH, Germany].

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The Internet is here to stay and quality concerns are growing in importance every day. How does WebSite development differ from "conventional" software development? Here are three takes on where the answers lie: Web Development - A New Quality Paradigm by Prof. Antonio de Amescua [Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain] & Mr. Guillermo Pastor [INAD, Spain], Testing Inside and Outside the Firewall by Mr. Michael Avni [Mercury Interactive, UK], and, A Requirements-Based Approach to Delivering E-Business and Enterprise Applications by Mr. Scott Jefferies [Starbase Corporation, USA].

If you are concerned about quality, you have to know about the thing you concerned about. Here are three presentations that dig deep into critical WebSite issues: Practical Experiences in Bug Cluster Management by Mr. Kim Davis [My Virtual Model, Inc., Canada] & Mr. Robert Sabourin [Amibug.com, Canada], Innovative WebSite Mapping Tool by Dr. Edward Miller [eValid, Inc., USA], and, Providing Automated Support for Web Metrics by Ms. Julia Gonzalez, Mr. Guillermo Lafuente, Mr. Luis Olsina, & Mr. Oscar Pastor [Extremadura University, Spain]

Everyone knows that click-away happens if the user is bored -- or has to wait more than 8.0 seconds. So performance is an issue. Here are three presentations that deal with Internet performance testing: Performance Testing Applications In Internet Time by Ms. Nancy Landau [Alltel Technology Services, USA], Challenges of Automating Performance Tests for New Internet Technologies by Mr. Raymond Rivest [Computer Research Institute of Montreal, Canada], and, Deployment of Globalised Wireless Internet Applications by Mr. Paul McBride [VeriTest, Ireland].

Overall, though, we have to reflect Internet realities into process, and that is what these presentations do: Vulnerabilities and Developing for the Net by Mr. Robert A. Martin [The MITRE Corporation, USA], Checklist for Web Site Quality Assurance by Dr. Klaus Quibeldey-Cirkel [TLC GmbH, Germany], and, Multifaceted Internet Application Quality Validation Methodology by Mr. Simon J. Hardiman [SQS S.A., Spain].

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Risk is everywhere, so why not exploit risk factors up front? Indeed, why not?, as these fine presentations imply: Risk Based Test Strategy by Mr. Rob Baarda [IQUIP Informatica BV, Netherlands], and, A Risk Based Testing Process by Mr. Anders Claesson [Enea Realtime AB, Sweden].

Everything is in the details, and that's no less so for test process steps. Here are talks by experienced experts who know where they have been, and will help you learn how to get there too -- process-wise: Test Process Improvement - Theory and Practice by Mr. Stale Amland [Amland Consulting, Norway] & Mr. Martin Pol [Polteq IT Services B.V., Netherlands], The Art of Managing Fixed Price Test Project by Mr. Ruud Teunissen [Gitek nv, Belgium], Quality Starts by Defining Goals by Dr. Robert Darimont, Ms. Emmanuelle Delor & Mr. Andre Rifaut [CEDITI, Belgium], Quality Radar - Getting Grip on Customer Expectations by Mr. Ton Dekkers & Mr. Mario Van Os [IQUIP Informatica BV, Netherlands], and, Survival Guide for Applying a Software Development Process by Mr. Bernd Eberhardt [Rational Software, Germany].

Closing the loop has the potential to fine-tune the control you can exercise in a test process. Here are ways to use current and past data to improve current and future performance: Improving the Software Estimation Process by Mr. Geir Kjetil Hanssen, Mr. Hans Westerheim [SINTEF, Norway] & Mr. Tor Stalhane [NTNU, Norway], Process Management Maturity by Mr. Dean Hanley [Computer Associates, USA], Using SPICE as an Internal Software Engineering Process Improvement Tool by Mr. Michael J. Hillelsohn [Software Performance Systems, USA], Information Systems as an Instrument for Quality Programs by Mr. Jose M. Xexeo, Dr. Ana Regina, Mr. Alvaro Alves, & Dr. Jose Blaschek [COPPE/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil], and, Variable Test Strategy - Learn To Only Do What You Need To Do by Mr. Geert Pinxten & Mr. Jens Pas [I2B, Belgium].

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