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Quality Week Europe 2002

 Brussels, Belgium    |   11 March - 15 March 2002 

11-15 March 2002, Brussels, Belgium EU


Sessions By Group in Alphabetic Author Name Order

Here is a quick outline of the QWE2002 Conference Preview
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Web Testing Master Class by Dr. G. Bazzana and Mrs. Ioana Ene [Onion, Italy]
Managing the Testing Process- Organization, Motivation, and Techniques by Mr. Rex Black [RBCS, Inc., USA]
Managing The Testing Process- Test Estimation by Mr. Rex Black [RBCS, Inc., USA]
Test Plan 101 Using IEEE 829 by Mr. Bernard Homes [TESSCO Ltd., France]
Model-Based Testing by Mr. Ibrahim K. El-Far [Florida Institute of Technology, USA]
Think Green! Think Different! Think Modular! (The LEGO Principle) by Mr. Olivier Denoo [ps_testware, Belgium]
Guided Inspection of UML Models by Dr. John McGregor [Luminary Software, USA]
Web Testing- A Practical Approach by Dr. Edward Miller [eValid, Inc., USA]
Emotional Intelligence as the Key to Software Testing by Mr. Jens Pas [I2B, Belgium]
Getting Started - Stressing Web Applications, Stress Early - Stress Often by Mr. Robert Sabourin [Amibug.com, Canada]
Just In Time Testing - Testing Turbulent Web Based Applications by Mr. Robert Sabourin [Amibug.com, Canada]
Writing Good Requirements by Mr. Erik Simmons [Inter Corporation, USA]
Stepwise Improvement of the Test Process using TPI by Mr. Martin Pol [Polteq, Netherlands] & [Mr. Ruud Teunissen [Gitek nv, Belgium]
Structured Testing by Mr. Martin Pol [Polteq, Netherlands] & [Mr. Ruud Teunissen [Gitek nv, Belgium]
Software Measurement: The Goal/Question/Metric Method by Dr. Rini vanSolingen [CMG, Netherlands]
Introduction to the Test Maturity Model by Dr. Erik P. vanVeenendaal [Improve Quality Services BV, Netherlands]
Introduction to Defect Analysis by Mr. Otto Vinter [Software Engineering Mentor, Denmark]

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Power Testing Mr. Bob Bartlett by Mr. Bob Bartlett [SIM Group, UK]
Organizing for High Tech Innovation by Prof. Koenraad Debackere [KUL, Belgium]
Building the Infrastructure for The Future by Mr. Rik Nuytten [Cisco Systems, Belgium]
Independent Verification and Validation Implementation at NASA by Dr. Linda Rosenberg [GSFC NASA, USA]
From Requirements to Release Criteria by Mr. Erik Simmons [Intel Corporation, USA]
Creating Quality Web Systems by Mr. Robert A. Sabourin [Amibug.com, Canada]

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Virtual Test Management- Rapid Testing Over Multiple Time Zone by Mr. Jim Bampos [Lionbridge, USA] & Mr. Eric Patel [Nokia, USA]
State-of-the Art Information on Petri Nets Applied to Software Quality by Dr. Mihaela Barreau, Dr. Jean-Yves Morel & Dr. Alexis Todoskoff [University of Angers, France]
Performance Testing in Internet Time by Mr. Allan Beumer [CMG, Netherlands]
Improving Component Quality Through the Systematic Combination of Construction and Analysis by Dr. Christian Bunse & Dr. Oliver Laitenberger [Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering, Germany]
How to Use Scientific Methods In Software Testing by Mr. Anders Claesson [Enea Realtime AB, Sweden]
Traceability and Reproducability in Integrated System Test Environments by Dr. Nancy Eickelmann & Mr. Allan Willey [Motorola Labs, USA]
Choosing an Appropriate Software Testing Method by Mr. Ibrahim K. El-Far, Ms. Florence E. Mottay, Mr. Herbert H. Thompson & Mr. Nikhil Nilakantan [Florida Institute of Technology, USA]
Systematic Validation of an Interlocking System by Ms. Begona Laibarra
[SQS SA, Spain] & Mr. Francisco Vega [Alcatel SEL, Spain]
InBrowser WebSite Testing- The Client-Side Approach by Mr. Tobias Mayer [eValid, Inc., USA]
Automated Functional Testing of Web-Based Applications by Mr. Oliver Niese, Dr. Tiziana Margaria & Prof. Bernhard Steffen [METAFrame Technologies GmbH, Germany]
Tool Support for Model Based Statistical Testing by Dr. Stacy Prowell [The University of Tennessee, USA]
Validating Quality Requirements of Object Oriented Design by Mr. Jamal Said & Mr. Eric Steegmans [Department of Computer Science, K.U. Leuven, Belgium]

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Experience in Testing Pocket PC Applications by Mr. Ibrahim K. El-Far, Ms. Florence E. Mottay & Mr. Herbert H. Thompson [Florida Institute of Technology, USA]
Testing of CORBA Products by Ms. Mang Li, Mr. Axel Rennoch, Dr. Ina Schieferdecker & Ms.Dorota Witaszek [GMD FOKUS, Germany]
The Importance of Data in Functional Testing by Mr. James Lyndsay [Workroom Productions, Germany]
The AGEDIS Software Test Technology Project by Mr. Bernd Mattern [imbus AG, Germany]
QA Success Story for Embedded Systems in Real Time Control Systems by Mr. Jon Maurolagoitia [SQS S.A., Spain]
Metrics-Cockpit Means of 'Viewing' the Project by Mr. Sridhar Narayanan [Cognizant Technology Solutions, USA]
Performance Testing- "Step On It" by Ms. Nadine Pelicaen [ps_testware, Belgium]
Structuring Your Tests in a Component Based Environment by Mr. Chris C. Schotanus [CMG, Netherlands]
Product Triage- A Medical Approach to Predicting and Monitoring Product by Mr. Erik Simmons [Intel Corporation, USA]
Steps to Bring the V- Model Into Real Life- A Case Study by Dr. Rainer Stetter [ITQ GmbH & Software Factory GmbH, Germany]
Configuration Management in a Test Centre by Mr. Kie Liang Tan [CMG, Netherlands]
Testing Challenges of Incremental Component Based Development by Mr. Leo VanDerAalst [Gitek nv, Belgium]

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Web Development- A New Quality Paradigm by Prof. Antonio de Amescua [Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain] & Mr. Guillermo Pastor [INAD, Spain]
Testing Inside and Outside the Firewall by Mr. Michael Avni [Mercury Interactive, UK]
Practical Experiences in Bug Cluster Management by Mr. Kim Davis [My Virtual Model, Inc., Canada] & Mr. Robert Sabourin [Amibug.com, Canada]
Providing Automated Support for Web Metrics by Ms. Julia Gonzalez, Mr. Guillermo Lafuente, Mr. Luis Olsina, & Mr. Oscar Pastor [Extremadura University, Spain]
Multifaceted Internet Application Quality Validation Methodology by Mr. Simon J. Hardiman [SQS S.A., Spain]
A Requirements-Based Approach to Delivering E-Business and Enterprise Applications by Mr. Scott Jefferies
[Starbase Corporation, USA]
Performance Testing Applications In Internet Time by Ms. Nancy Landau [Alltel Technology Services, USA]
Vulnerabilities and Developing for the Net by Mr. Robert A. Martin [The MITRE Corporation, USA]
Deployment of Globalised Wireless Internet Applications by Mr. Paul McBride [VeriTest, Ireland]
Innovative WebSite Mapping Tool by Dr. Edward Miller [eValid, Inc., USA]
Challenges of Automating Performance Tests for New Internet Technologies by Mr. Raymond Rivest [Computer Research Institute of Montreal, Canada]
Checklist for Web Site Quality Assurance by Dr. Klaus Quibeldey-Cirkel [TLC GmbH, Germany]

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Test Process Improvement -- Theory and Practice by Mr. Stale Amland
[Amland Consulting, Norway] & Mr. Martin Pol [Polteq IT Services B.V., Netherlands]
Risk Based Test Strategy by Mr. Rob Baarda [IQUIP Informatica BV, Netherlands]
A Risk Based Testing Process by Mr. Anders Claesson [Enea Realtime AB, Sweden]
Quality Starts by Defining Goals by Dr. Robert Darimont, Ms. Emmanuelle Delor & Mr. Andre Rifaut
[CEDITI, Belgium]
Quality Radar- Getting Grip on Customer Expectations by Mr. Ton Dekkers & Mr. Mario Van Os [IQUIP Informatica BV, Netherlands]
Survival Guide for Applying a Software Development Process by Mr. Bernd Eberhardt [Rational Software, Germany]
Process Management Maturity by Mr. Dean Hanley [Computer Associates, USA]
Improving the Software Estimation Process by Mr. Geir Kjetil Hanssen, Mr. Hans Westerheim [SINTEF, Norway] & Mr. Tor Stalhane [NTNU, Norway]
Using SPICE as an Internal Software Engineering Process Improvement Tool by Mr. Michael J. Hillelsohn [Software Performance Systems, USA]
Variable Test Strategy- Learn To Only Do What You Need To Do by Mr. Geert Pinxten & Mr. Jens Pas [I2B, Belgium]
The Art of Managing Fixed Price Test Project by Mr. Ruud Teunissen [Gitek nv, Belgium]
Information Systems as an Instrument for Quality Programs by Mr. Jose M. Xexeo, Dr. Ana Regina, Mr. Alvaro Alves, & Dr. Jose Blaschek [COPPE/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil]

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Torturing Technical Software in a Structured Way by Ms. Nadine Pelicaen [ps_testware, Belgium]
Weight Before It Is Too Late! by Mr. Olivier Denoo [ps_testware, Belgium]
Organizational Performance Engineering- Quality Assurance For The 21st Century by Mr. Michael J. Hillelsohn [Software Performance Systems]

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